Hex Acoustical Light Fixture

Excited to introduce our new Hex Light Fixture!
Designed with acoustic technology, this fixture
is a game-changer for large rooms with high
ceilings, such as meeting halls and airports.
Not only does it absorb sound waves, but it is
also made from recycled plastic bottles, reducing
reverberation and creating a quiet atmosphere.
With its high design and noise reduction capabilities,
our Avi fixture helps you save on lighting and acoustics
expenses. Check out Seascape’s acoustical sound absorption
lighting fixture collection and discover how our unique designs
can enhance any hospitality setting.



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10×9” 120V 18.5W 1200 LM 3000K 90CRI PHASE DIM
15×9” 120V, 20W, 1600LM, 3000K, 90CRI, PHASE DIM
32×11.5 120V, 32W, 1950LM, 3000K, 90CRI, PHASE DIM


Cord Options

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