Double Wall Modern Ceiling Light

Polycarbonate shells with captured interior PolyPro shades. Comes in 6 poly pro color choices and 13 colored cord options.

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Design your own

Polycarbonate inner and outer shells captured interior PolyPro tubes. Comes in 6 poly pro color choices and 13 colored cord options. Use our product builder to see your options.


Double Wall – LIGHT SOURCE: Medium base, GU-24 or LED Array

24×10 2X Medium Base, GU-24 socket or 28W 3820 Lumens LED 120V(Phase) or 40W 4000 Lumens (0-10V Dim) 3000K


Size (DxH)

INR: 16×10 OTR: 24×10

Light Source

Medium Base, GU24, LED Array

Metal Finish

Brushed Nickel, Bronze, White, Black

Cord Color

Silver, White, Black, Red Mesh, Green Mesh, Beige Mesh, Brown Mesh, Purple Mesh, Blue Mesh, Yellow Mesh, Orange Mesh, Gray Mesh, Stripe Mesh

Fabric Options

Cord Options

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