Seascape Lamps offers various lighting solutions for our customers. From soft lighting circular fixtures to LED pendant lighting, we have it. Contact one of our design experts in-house to provide a free consultation on which products will fit best in your new restaurant space.

You can customize the following on our products to create the perfect ambiance for your guests:

  • Size
  • Bulb Type
  • Diffusers
  • Lamp Shade Design
  • Lamp Shade Colors


If you are looking for a large drum pendant or a small contemporary lighting fixture, we have it. View our products to see all of our drum lighting fixtures that will fit perfectly in your restaurant.

We have restaurant lighting solutions for all your rooms, including:

  • Entrance
  • Dining room
  • Bar area
  • Restrooms

Types of Restaurant Lighting

If you are a restaurant looking to create a certain atmosphere, lighting is crucial; however, deciding when to use low light versus bright light fixtures as well as the types of lighting your establishment should have, can seem daunting. There are many options out there, and it is best to know what kind of lighting your restaurant may need before moving choosing fixtures.

There are three different types of lighting one must consider: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Ambient light provides the main source of light in a room, allowing people to see and move around comfortably throughout a space. This type of lighting can come from a natural light source such as large windows as well as artificially, from overhead fixtures.

Task lighting allows people to perform tasks such as reading menus or preparing food. This is the most versatile of lighting types, as many different light fixtures can be used to create task lighting depending on the tasks at hand. For example: a restaurant would have task lighting in the kitchen to provide chefs with proper lighting for cooking, however this same restaurant also needs task lighting at the front of the house for its guests. It is important to remember that in some restaurants preparing food can also happen at the table, which would call for more overhead lighting.

Accent lighting, which functions to provide focal points and artistic flare, guiding the eye to dinner specials, art, or down a long hallway. Accent lighting is not vital to completing tasks, but it is beautiful and adds personality to any space. 

Restaurant Lighting Fixtures


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