Acoustical Lighting

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Acoustical Light Fixtures

Seascape Lamps acoustical lighting fixtures are a unique blend of lighting plus sound deading ability. If your goal is to light and reduce ambient noise, we have the perfect product for you!  For large open spaces, such as office buildings, industrial high ceiling rooms, meeting halls, and any area you need to absorb excess sound. Designed to enhance open ceiling spaces and help relieve reverberation issues, Hang our light fixtures in rows, random groupings using multiple colors and shapes.

Many of the designs you see throughout our website can be fabricated using our environmentally made materials from recycled plastic bottles. Multiple drum shades can be stacked together to create a more substantial sound absorption light fixture. Seascape can cut out custom acoustic flat-panel shapes to enhance the design of your space. A lighting fixture plus an acoustic solution all built into one thoughtful design.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, Seascape Lamps can also help you design the perfect custom lighting for your space. We specialize in commercial, senior living, and healthcare light fixtures, and no order is too large or too small. Contact us at (800) 444-0233 with questions or to start your custom design lamp project.