Bug Modern Retro Wall Light

Our Bug 5x5x4 modern wall sconce houses a half chrome G25 bulb and comes in several colored finishes and dimmer. Seascape has many custom options available, call for details. If you have a particular design concept and need some prototypes for an up coming hospitality project. Email us your drawings so we can value engineer the fixture and get you renderings for your meeting with management.

Design your own custom light with our product builder. Call us directly at (800) 444-0233 to start your next custom lamp project.

5″ x 5″ x 4″

1X 40W / Half Chrome G25 (Included)

8 Colors: Silver, Black, Brown, Orange, Blue, Gold, Green and Magenta

Metal Finish

Silver, Black, Brown, Orange, Blue, Gold, Green, Magenta

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