Bixar Contemporary Wood Desk Lamp

A great little desk lamp for hotel guestrooms. View eighteen solid color finish options and wood stains. Click on our, “design your own” in real-time, it’s a fun and easy way of seeing the end result before it hits your doorstep. The Bixar is 26″ in height and has a six inch wood and nickel base. The shade is attached with a swivel and is ideal lamp for reading. View our fabric options for a wide range of prints and solid colors.

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Design your own

26″ Tall
4″ x 7″ x 8″ Shade
1X 60W
1-Way Switch

Available in: Chocolate, Natural, Ebony, Walnut, Earth, Gray, Peony, Rain, Sky, Tea, Villa, Willow, Grandiose, Amber, Azurite, Green, Inverness, Nugget, Paradise


Fabric Options

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