Portal Led Suspension Lighting Fixture

This Portal Suspension Light features three stainless steel cables that level this modernist 18″ commercial LED suspension light fixture. The Portal hospitality light puts out plenty of light and looks fantastic over restaurant tables or clustered and tiered for a dramatic statement in a hotel lobby. Available in amazing finishes which can be seen by clicking on the “Design Your Own” tab below.

Our modern commercial ceiling lights are hospitality light fixtures that provide the perfect ambient lighting sought by clients for a variety of environments including hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, hotel hallways, guest room foyers, motels, vacation resorts, restaurants, FOH dining areas, bars, pubs, and retail stores. Our unique designs and custom light creations will suit whatever environment you have that needs contemporary hospitality lighting.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, Seascape Lamps can also help you design the perfect custom lighting for your space. We specialize in commercial and hospitality light fixtures, and no order is too large or too small.

Design your own custom light with our product builder. Call us directly at (831) 728-5699 to start your next custom lamp project.

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1x 18.5W LED 3000K Phase ELV Dimmable



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