What is Acoustic Lighting?

At first glance the words “acoustic” and “lighting” may seem to have little to do with one another. After all, acoustic has to do with sound and lighting is well, lighting. But acoustic lighting is where these two worlds collide. The aim of acoustic lighting is to reduce and dampen noise. Modern architecture and popular design styles such as high ceilings and smooth surfaces like concrete and glass amplify sound, creating distracting and uncomfortably loud spaces. Acoustic lighting is an attractive and practical way to address these issues while adding more beauty and design aesthetics to a room or space.

At Seascape Lamps in Watsonville, CA, we carry a variety of beautiful acoustic lighting options such as an Acoustic Absorbing Pendant Light Fixture, Acoustic Sound Absorbing Drum Light Fixtures and more. Our Acoustic Pleats Drum Light uses acoustic technology and high design to help absorb sound waves. Ideal for large rooms with high ceilings such as a meeting hall or airport, the pleats absorb sound and reduce reverberation to quiet noisy open-space environments. We have options large and small which keep sound absorption and noise control in mind.

We offer custom lighting fixtures for all kinds of hospitality needs. Acoustic lighting is an ideal solution for noisy, open spaces with high ceilings such as restaurants, conference halls, bars, airports and hotel lobbies. Our lighting professionals at Seascape Lamps can create custom lighting packages for your unique environment. There are lighting solutions to suit any design style, especially modern and contemporary architecture which tends to lead to noise level problems. Fixtures are available in a range of colors, finishes and even textures. Styles range in size and shape including box, sconce, drum, pendant and more.

Smooth surfaces such as concrete and glass are popular design choices but they are notorious sound spreaders. This is why textures are an essential component of acoustic lighting. Pleated panels, fabric-filled, micro-perforated wood and metal, fabric and shades act as sound sponges. Acoustic lighting creates a more pleasing and peaceful environment. While it doesn’t lower the decibel level of the sound, it does help mitigate sound and make it less distracting. There are even ways to measure the levels at which the materials absorb sound. Background noise is more than just grating – it can lower productivity and even impact health over the long term. If you want to create a restful, relaxing and attractive space, taking noise levels as well as lighting into account is essential.

While open spaces and contemporary design are aesthetically-pleasing, they don’t create the ideal environment as far as sound is concerned. Acoustic lighting presents a solution to these beautiful but noisy spaces. If you’re facing acoustic challenges or planning ahead to create the ideal lighting for your space, Seascape Lamps is happy to assist. Our lighting experts can help guide you through the process and even assess your space for the ideal lighting solutions. We specialize in commercial lighting for businesses such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, office spaces and more.

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