Acoustic Lighting Overview

Did you know lighting can impact workplace productivity? The Mayo Clinic reports that glare and uncomfortably bright light are the two leading causes for eyestrain. An improved lighting design can result in a 23% productivity boost. Another thing that impacts workplace happiness and productivity: noise. It seems like independent offices have become a thing of the past with open space offices becoming the norm. With that comes a lot of noise. From phone conversations to typing, the sound bouncing off the walls and floors can be a distraction. 

With many workers returning to shared office spaces, two things they likely didn’t miss much are the harsh lights and noises that make it hard to concentrate. Acoustic lighting addresses both these concerns with functional lighting that improves lighting and ambiance as well as performing as a buffer, absorbing sound. Similar to light, sound can also be reflected and absorbed. Acoustic lighting uses noise-reducing materials to absorb or block sound. 

Acoustic Lighting for Restaurants, Cafes and More 

Beyond offices, acoustic lighting is ideal in noisy spaces such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, cafeterias, meeting spaces, cafes, and stores. I’m sure you’ve experienced eating in a noisy restaurant. Having a conversation with your company at the table is nearly impossible because of the ambient noise. Acoustic lighting is an amazing, unobtrusive solution to this problem. 

Seascape Lamps offers a wide range of acoustic lighting for restaurants. Is there a specific color or pattern you’re looking for? We also offer custom acoustic lighting designs to suit your design style. If you need assistance with lighting design, Seascape Lamps has helped many restaurants and cafes with professional lighting design services. 

Contact us at (800) 444-0233 with questions or to start your acoustic lighting design project. 

Acoustic Lighting for Hotel Lobbies and Hotels 

Acoustic lighting is ideal for hotel lobbies. Lobbies often boast high ceilings, smooth walls, and hard floors. While this may result in a beautiful, open design aesthetically, it often leads to a noisy echo chamber acoustically. Seascape Lamps offers beautiful acoustic lighting fixtures that are not only aesthetically pleasing, they’re also practical. By absorbing sound in cavernous spaces, your guests will enjoy a better experience and ambiance. 

Seascape Lamp offers lighting design services to help you find the perfect acoustic lighting for your hotel. Our acoustic lighting is designed to enhance open ceiling spaces and relieve reverberation issues. Acoustic lighting can be hung individually, in rows, random groupings, or even arranged together as a more substantial sound absorption solution. 

Acoustic Lighting 

Acoustic lighting is an acoustic solution and a lighting fixture all built into one thoughtful design. At Seascape Lamps, each of our acoustic lighting fixtures offers a specific thoughtful design with the purpose of helping reduce noise. For example, our Luther acoustic pleated fixture material comes from recycled plastic bottles that absorb sound and reduce reverberation, which helps quiet noisy open-space environments, no matter the ceiling types. 

Not only are acoustic lights functional, but they also come in a variety of designs to suit the aesthetic of any space. Noise-reducing lighting fixtures can also be installed out of the line of sight so they are unobtrusive. The main goal of acoustic lighting is to manage sound but, that doesn’t mean they have to look bad while doing it.  

Many of the designs we offer can be fabricated using environmentally-friendly materials made from recycled plastic bottles. Eco-friendly acoustic lighting options also include energy-efficient LED lighting. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on the Seascape Lamps website, contact us to discuss custom acoustic lighting options. We carry an endless variety of designs, colors, styles, patterns, materials, and more. 

Contact us at (800) 444-0233 with questions or to start your custom design lamp project. 

Acoustic lighting combines function with aesthetics. If you’re interested in acoustic lighting for your business, office, school, or restaurant, Seascape Lamps can help. Not only do we offer a wide range of lighting for all applications, but we also offer professional lighting design services to help identify which lighting solutions are best for your space. Contact us or browse our website to learn more about our lighting and services.