Easy Ways to Improve Hotel Lighting

Hotel lighting is easily overlooked but, it’s an essential element of a hotel’s design and atmosphere. Good lighting sometimes doesn’t stand out – but bad lighting always will. Cold, fluorescent lighting can feel severe and leave your guests feeling tense while warm, well-placed lighting can create a feeling of serenity and calm. Making better lighting design choices doesn’t always need to be complex and expensive.

Let’s explore some easy ways to improve hotel lighting:

  1. Natural lighting is your friend. Using natural lighting as part of your design plan is important because sunlight is energizing. Something about being in the outdoors leaves you feeling positive and bright so bringing that magic indoors is a great way to light up your space. Pull back the curtains, cut back shrubs blocking the windows, and find creative ways to let the light in.
  2. Focus on key spaces. The lobby is your first chance to make a good impression. An attractive, well-lit lobby should highlight the best features of your space and make it easy for the guests to find the reception desk. Hotel lighting isn’t just decorative, it’s also functional. Hallways and staircases need to be well-lit for practicality and safety. Besides, an under-lit or poorly-lit hallway can leave your guests feeling like their staying at the creepy Overlook Hotel in The Shining and not a wonderful getaway.
  3. Don’t neglect paint and texture. Color interacts with light and can be used to brighten or bounce light or used to subdue it. One often under-utilized space is the ceiling. Lighting can interact with the ceiling by reflecting light in different ways so take this into consideration when choosing a paint color. Similarly, wall texture or textured wallpaper can play a big part in how the lighting looks in a space, creating shadows and highlights.
  4. Call in the experts. When you hire a lighting designer for your hotel lighting design or redesign, you’re calling in the professionals. Lighting designers are experts in integrating architecture, lighting, and function in beautiful harmony. Seascape Lamps offers lighting design services for hotels, restaurants, and beyond. Call (800) 444 – 0233 to get started.

Since 1980, we’ve been specializing in commercial, restaurant, hotel & more hospitality light fixtures, and no order is too large or too small. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, Seascape Lamps can also help you design the perfect custom lighting for your space. Call us at (800) 444 – 0233 or email sales@seascapelamps.com.