Mom II Tall Wood Table Lamp

Mom II Table Lamp – Just like our Mom table lamp except shes now 8″ taller. A great lamp for a bedroom or guest room with tall ceilings. This light towers above your average table lamp, and boy is she heavy. Click on (“Design Your Own”) and start designing the finish on your base. We also have a “Fabric Options” tool below with 500 + prints and solid color fabrics.

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Design your own

35.5″ Tall
16″ x 9″ Shade
1X 150W
1-Way Switch

Available in: Chocolate, Natural, Ebony, Walnut, Earth, Gray, Peony, Rain, Sky, Tea, Villa, Willow, Grandiose, Amber, Azurite, Green, Inverness, Nugget, Paradise


Fabric Options

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