Logan Retro Style Table Lamp

Logan solid wood retro lamp base is pictured with a walnut finish and a round corner square fabric lamp shade.This retro style lamp is beautiful with a style from the past. This mid-century table lamp has 14 different finishes with over 500 lamp shade designs to select from. Don’t see the lamp shade you are looking for? Send us your own design and we can print it for you. Call for pricing and and quotes for hospitality lighting projects.

Design your own custom light with our product builder. Call us directly at (800) 444-0233 to start your next custom lamp project.

Design your own

23″ Tall
10″ x 10″ Shade
1X 150W
1-Way Switch

Available in: Chocolate, Natural, Ebony, Walnut, Earth, Gray, Peony, Rain, Sky, Tea, Villa, Willow, Grandiose, Amber, Azurite, Green, Inverness, Nugget, Paradise


Fabric Options

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