How to Light a Hotel Room

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Lighting a Hotel Room

One of the most important elements of interior design is lighting. Lighting can be the key to setting the right ambiance and mood. In a hotel, there are a variety of different spaces with different uses: the lobby, conference room, hallways, guest rooms, etc. 

At Seascape Lamps in California, we specialize in hospitality lighting design. We’re experts at restaurant and hotel lighting. We’ve helped many clients tackle their hotel lighting projects and love educating and sharing tips. 

Today we’re taking a closer look at how to pick lighting for a hotel room and sharing some of our top tips for lighting design for hotel rooms.

Address The Needs

Whether the hotel stay is short or long, the room is the place we’re meant to relax, unwind and feel more comfortable. Lighting is an important element in creating a relaxing mood. Yellow light or warm white lighting have a relaxing effect. But hotel guests also have other needs in their hotel room: working, getting ready, reading, resting. Lighting a hotel room requires different types of lighting to address those needs.

Here are some examples:

  • Use task lighting that doesn’t create glare for reading. Double rooms should have separate lighting for both guests. Lamp shades, wall lights or table lamps are good options.
  • Use general lighting such as chandeliers, drum lights or recessed lights.
  • Accent lighting is great to draw attention to decorative elements. Directional spotlights or LED light strips are good accent lighting choices.

Durability and Practicality

It’s no secret that hotel guests don’t always treat things in hotel rooms with as much care as their own things at home. Picking hotel lighting that is durable and practical is essential. Lighting fixtures in the bathroom should be water, dust and moisture resistant. When you’re going for longevity, it’s time to think about energy efficient LEDs. LEDs are now the number one choice for hotels.

Light planning for hotel rooms also comes down to practicality. There’s a reason the lights and light switches are in specific places. Control of the general lighting should always be at the entrance of the room. Guests should be able to turn on the lights as soon as they enter the room. The light switch at the room entrance should also have a key on the side of the bed so the guest doesn’t need to get up to turn off the lights before going to sleep.

Consult a Light Planner

When lighting is done well, you don’t notice it. When it’s done wrong, you do. That’s why we suggest always consulting with a light planner for your hotel interior decorating project. Our hospitality lighting design services are central to our business. We encourage designers and architects to work with us every step of the way during the design process. We also offer custom printing. All of our fabrics, textures, and custom prints are available or send us your designs to print.

Visit our hotel lighting page to learn more about the products and services we offer. Contact Seascape lamps at (800) 444 – 0233 for hospitality lighting design services for your hotel, restaurant and more.