Roller X3 Cylinder Ceiling Light

Roller 3X24
Vertical LED tube light
Minimalist task lighting suites the modernist office or dining room. Choose from our line of silks or PolyPro colors.

3X 24″ (25.875×6″) LED tube lights
Hangs with 3X 36” white cord available covered in 12 colors nylon mesh and 5×36″ nickel or white canopy.

Design your own custom light with our product builder. Call us directly at (800) 444-0233 to start your next custom lamp project.

Design your own

Roller X3 – 3X 24″ (25.875×6″) 900 lumens each 3500K LED Tube Lights  PHASE ELV Dimmable


Fabric Options

Cord Options

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