Eclipse ADA LED Wall Sconce

Eclipse LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light with cutting-edge lighting technology that comes in a slim package. Its unique design features edge lite and downward diffused lighting for a sleek aesthetic modernist look. When illuminated, the Eclipse flush mount ceiling light casts a soft and even light with no hotspots — a perfect and well-designed fixture for hotel hallways, ceiling or wall lights. The center hub comes in various colors, other custom colors on request.

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Design your own

Eclipse II These nifty modern LED arrays may be used for flush mount ceiling lights or wall sconces. They look great when used in combination or clustered together for a dramatic visual impact. Currently these ceiling lights are available in 8 colors. These work with standard ELV dimmers, which are a must for restaurants and residential lighting applications.


11D  12W LED 75 watt equivalent dimmable with a PHASE ELV dimmer

16D  24W LED 150 watt equivalent dimmable with a PHASE ELV dimmer



Size (DxH)

OA: 11×1.7, OA: 16.5×1.8

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